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Meet the doula

A professional and caring doula trained in the needs of the family during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Karen Muñiz

Madriella Certified Birth Doula (MCB)
Madriella Certified Postpartum Doula (MCPD)
Woman’s Choice Perinatal Services Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist (WCPS)

My name is Karen Muñiz, and I have been a doula for over a year now. I wear many “hats” as a birth worker! My story begins while working as a medical assistant at The Birth Center, located in Newark, Delaware. I learned the role of a Doula. I conducted my research through multiple training institutions and trained through Madriella Somatic Arts & Sciences Institute. I decided to become a doula because I felt that many families do not receive the support they deserve in the clinical aspect of obstetrics and maternity. Through experiencing and witnessing such first-hand experiences, I was determined to make a change for those in need. I had been passionate about women’s rights and advocacy from a young age.


Women should be empowered, informed, and educated in their birthing experiences! As a doula, my mission is to be of assistance during the entirety of the perinatal period. A story that hits home and inspires me most to pursue birth work – is my mother’s birth story. My mother endured a prolonged, stalled, and unsupported labor with her OB when she delivered me. At the time – my mother did not speak English and endured undiagnosed postpartum depression. As a doula is…I want to nurture and support families in welcoming their newborns through the support of evidence-based data and informed consent. Outside of being a birth and postpartum doula…I work as a placenta encapsulation specialist, presenting the placenta a new role to serve in the postpartum period

When I am not at a birth, postpartum shift, or encapsulating placentas – I am spending time with my family at home or dedicating time to my studies. I reside in Delaware with my husband and two fur babies. Our dogs, Kilo, our Jack Russell-Yorkie puppy, Venom, our six-year-old Pitbull-Labrador mix. We love to spend quality time and take each day as it comes.


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I am a Doula. 

Supporting you on your pregnancy and afterbirth.